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1986 The creation

  • foto-riunione-ufficio
On June 26 the brothers Mario e Roberto De Vivo decided to leave the Company founded with their father Arturo De Vivo, and to create a new Company mainly engaged in welding.They joined togheter their respective experiences, coming from the commercial cooperation with other historical Companies, and they founded GEM that began dealing with Resistance, MIG and MAG welders.

1987 The first projects

In January 1987 GEM rented a premises of 400 m² in the industrial area of  Venaria Reale (To). Two mechanical fitter were appointed for assembling the machines.The first special machines with turntable and the multiple welders for the reinforced doors were designed and built.

1988 The first Fair

  • nuovetecnologie
In April 1989 GEM took part for the first time in a national Fair named  "New Technologies " into the Halls of the Valentino Park in Torino.

1990 New offices and staff

  • robotGruppo
1990. Inside the premises the technical offices were built, housing the technicians charged for designing  and managing the commissioned orders.

GEM signed a cooperation agreement with Robot Ind., italian distributor of Motoman.

1992 More room is needed

  • capannone-ed-ufficio
In October 1992 GEM moved to the industrial area of Robassomero where a premises of 1000 m²  with 200 m²  of offices was built.

1994 Project Marta System

  • primamarta_armadio
1994 The first prototype of the Marta System, the product that characterizes the GEM's production in the coming years, was built.

1995 Robot Guns

  • pinza_banco
1995.  The first Robot Guns of the series GPLF and GPRF were built.

1996, 6 Axis for the Marta System

  • marta_controllo
1996 The first in series Marta System 6 ax with a Numerical Control of  RRRobotica was born. In the same year the first Robot Guns of the series GPLF and GPRF were built.

1997 The first international Fair

  • gruppo-fiera-97
In September 1997 GEM took part to its first international Fair of Essen in Gerrmany and established the conditions for building  Customer and Dealers network which now are patrimony of the Company.

1999 An important order

  • puntatrice
1999 GEM acquired for the first time an important order in the automotive field. There were nr.45 multiple spot welders machines for assembling parts of the body of the new Fiat Punto.

2000 Ascription of ISO 9001

2000 GEM was ascribed the Quality System ISO 9001, pursuing the policy of " Customer satisfaction " all along practiced.

2001 New production prmises

  • Esterno
2001 GEM was still growing and new facilities were required. Further 1000 m² for the production and 160 m² for offices were added.

2002 Project of automatic dressersi

  • g30_g38
2002 The first automatic electrode dresser of the series G30 was built.

2004 9 Axis for the Marta System

  • marta-9AX-2004
2004 The first fully electric Marta System was born. There were 9 interpolated axis which work on 3D for the welding of wire baskets.The machine was exhibited in Germany at Wire &Tube, the most important Fair in the world in wire and tube field.

2005 Automatic Gun changer

  • cambio-pinza
2005 Following to the requirements of the automotive industry, GEM designed and manufactured a revolutionary automatic Gun changing system, essential accessory for robotic cells.

2006 Revolver project

  • revolver
2006 The Customers research of machines more and more versatile helped GEM to the development of the first automatic revolver cell, for the welding of nuts and screws for car parts.

2007 Marta Modul project

  • Modul
2007 In order to weld mesh with dimensions 2000 x 1000 mm on two working stations, the series Marta Modul was born, used later on even for the projection welding of nuts and screws.

2010 New co-operations

  • marta-pinza-elettrica
2010 Marta System with the new integrated safety robotic techology, developed by GEM in  con co-operation with Keba and Bosch Rexroth.

2012 GEM at WIRE 2012

  • marta-9AX-2012
The new Marta System 9ax was exhibited at WIRE 2012.The machine had been fully renewed in the mechanic and in the electric system, the performances in welding quality and speed have been increased of 30%.




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