The product that best characterizes the Company is the Marta System, built with over 15 versions in over 150 installations. The range Marta System expresses creativity and rationality of  GEM, since it is a flexible system, available in different configurations regarding the number of controlled axes (2 to 16), the working range and the type of product to be welded.


The large range of components as : Guns, Automatic Gun Changers, Welding Cylinders, Welding Modules, Bolt and Nut Feeders, enable  the huge flexibility and versatility of the machine.
Its  favorable price-performance ratio put the Marta System affordable for even medium-sized enterprises.


The complete range of accessory as : Electrodes, Arms, Electrodeholders, Tip Dressers, Cutters for Dressers guarantees the perfect quality of the welding.

GEM at Schweisstec 2019

 SCHWEISSTEC Stuttgart, 05-08.11.19

GEM at Schweisstec Stuttgart 2019

Sheet metal processing and joining technology.  

Gem Schweisstec 2019

The trade fair duo Blechexpo and Schweisstec takes place every two years in Stuttgart and deals with the technologies of sheet metal working and joining techniques. Absolute trend themes and the lasting successes have convinced GEM to be part of this unique opportunity. It will be the perfect chance to discuss about new technologies and innovations

GEM'S Portfolio and fair's diplays

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GEM Welding MachinesGEM:

Best Resistance Welding Solutions

Our commitment is to provide our costumers with the best solutions in the field of welding metals, creating efficient products we can feel proud of. We are ready and available for You to come visit us.
We will be exhibiting in Hall 7, Stand 7420

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GEM WELDING thanks all the people who visited us in November at the "SCHWEISSTEC 2019" International Fair

GEM-WELDING at  Schweisstec Stuttgart fair
SCHWEISSTEC 2019 Homepage
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Hanover - Germany

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