Butt Welder for to Join Wire

Butt welder  D01.36.TE550

GEM Butt Welder has been designed to join wires  in mild steel or inox having different diameter.

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The circular motion of the welding jaws allows to leave a little space between the pieces to be welded, so that the operator may have a better view of the wires with less risk during work.

A plexiglass transparent screen shields the working area.

The machine has been designed for a  manual use, but it can be even automatically operated by a proper  manipulator..

Adjustement of the distance between the jaws by screw and handwheel

Possibility of increasing the distance and the stroke of the electrodes by adjusting the
upper block.

Two stage electric foot control for clamping the pieces only if correctly positioned

Machine preconnected for additional two stage electric foot control for direct recalling of
a second welding program. Double piston pneumatic cylinders for providing an higher
clamping force, in order to avoid the sliding of the pieces and in the same time allowing a
better squeeze.

  • Transformer power       

  • Max welding power      

  • Thermal current 100%        

  • Secondary voltage              

  • Power supply volt

  • Cable section

  • Delayed fuses                   

  • Compressed air

  • Cooling water    

  • Weldable diameter from           

  • Weight                               

  • Dimensions              

36 Kva al 50%

115 Kva

4.000 A

6,3 volt.

400/50 Hz

16 mm²

63 A

8 bar.

300 l/h a 15-20°

1,5 a 12 mm.

120 Kg

350 x 490 x 1600 mm.

Microprocessor constant current control unit  TE 550



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